Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most powerful healing plants of nature.
India is the largest producer of turmeric powder, and the world’s largest consumer of this herbal powder.
Turmeric is the ingredient in curry that gives a bright yellow. The curry is a combination of turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, cloves, ginger and chilli … and more.

For its many properties is used in India for at least 5,000 years, as a medicine, spice and even dye.
The name comes from the word Kour Koum (Persian-Indian), which means saffron, because the Turmeric is also known as Indian saffron.

Health Benefits of Turmeric
The roots, which are part of the plant that contains the active ingredients or drugs, are boiled for several hours and dried in large ovens, after which they are crushed to obtain a yellow-orange powder that is commonly used as a spice in cuisine of South Asia. From the same plant is obtained curcumin, yellow substance used in dyeing and in chemistry.

Here are the reasons to add turmeric to your diet:

* Turmeric prevents the free radical activity and therefore acts as an antioxidant by counteracting the negative effects of the radicals not only on the skin (skin aging), but also on the liver, stomach and intestine.

* Strengthens the immune system.

* It purifies the body (liver and intestine in particular), as well as healing and disinfectant and therefore it is common in the East, the use of turmeric to heal wounds and burns.

* Turmeric is a blood purifier, a tip is a teaspoon of turmeric in hot water becomes a purifying herbal tea.

* It is a natural liver detoxifier.

* It is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent, useful in disinfecting cuts and burns.

* It is a natural pain reliever
* When combined with cauliflower, it has shown to prevent prostate cancer or to block its growth.
* It can prevent melanoma
* Reduces the risk of childhood leukemia.

* They can prevent and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, eliminating the buildup of plaque in the brain amyloyd.

* Combats constipation

* Regulates menstrual flow

* Reduces cholesterol and diabetes

* An anti-inflammatory, used in the treatment of psoriasis. Curcumin is the active ingredient that inhibits the growth of flakes of skin that lead to psoriasis
* It is a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

* Helps eliminate metals from the body.
* Turmeric activates the metabolism while maintaining the stability of body weight. It helps to burn calories.
* It has long been used in Chinese medicine as a treatment for depression.
* Increases the effects of chemo drug paclitaxel and reduces side effects.
* Accelerates wound healing and promotes the renewal of damaged skin.
* Can be used on burns.

How to eat it and in what doses?

Turmeric is consumed trying to integrate it in our daily diet. The ideal amount is about 2 teaspoons per day, to be distributed on food for flavor, but also in sauces, yogurt or drink. It is important to remember that turmeric should be taken together with black pepper or green tea to facilitate absorption. Not only that. Also the combination with some fat, like olive oil, butter, or whatever, facilitates the absorption of turmeric.
The oil of turmeric may be used to replace the olive oil in all its uses; brings benefits to the metabolism of the liver and fats in general.

Side Effects
In health condition, turmeric is safe and no special effects. However, in the case of diseases or disorders, such as obstruction of the biliary tract, turmeric should be taken after consulting your doctor. Similar advice applies if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

For the anticoagulant effect of turmeric, you must take care to administer to people with problems related to blood clotting.

Despite the effects of gastro-protective, excessive doses of turmeric can cause gastric disorders. In case of the occurrence of such disorders is advisable to reduce the dose or stop taking.
Cosmetic Use
Among its properties are not negligible, turmeric has antioxidant effects (curcumin), to make it optimally effective in anti-wrinkle treatments. Can be use as ingredient of many home remedies for wrinkles.
Also it is used in the treatment dandruff and sebum-regulator.

Consequently, it is also excellent as a cosmetic product to cleanse the pores of the skin, regulating excess sebum in oily skin with acne and, in the case of dermatitis, itching, inflammation, insect bites, strengthens nails and hair. In the treatment of psoriasis, turmeric has given very good results in a short time and without any side effects.

“Turmeric is used in cosmetics by Indian women to get rid of unwanted hair and as an antimicrobial. The turmeric paste is used extensively in Ayurveda that as a home remedy to moisturize and maintain healthy skin and as an anti-aging effect. Turmeric is used in the treatment of very beauty of the brides before the wedding in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Spread of turmeric mixed with water on the skin serves to improve the health of the skin and to enhance your tan while protecting the skin from harmful solar radiation. ”

Practical advice

For skin always young and prevent wrinkles is necessary once or twice a week to prepare a turmeric facial mask.

You have to prepare a paste that choice can be more or less adherent to the skin depending on whether you choose to use clay or chickpea flour.

The ingredients are:

half a teaspoon of turmeric powder
2 teaspoons of powdered sandalwood
2 teaspoons of almond oil
two tablespoons of chickpea flour or clay

In a bowl, mix the turmeric, chickpea flour or clay the sandalwood powder and sweet almond oil and add to the mixture a bit of water to obtain a paste. Apply on face and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rub well with both hands on the skin with light pressure and remove the wrap rinsing with cold water.

Be careful not to increase the dose of turmeric as it does not you will find yourself in a shorter time with younger looking skin but you risk rather end up with the skin color.

Mask for Acne: turmeric + lemon + clay.

Exfoliating of turmeric 1 teaspoon of turmeric + 1 of honey. Apply on face and massage, leave on for two or three minutes and rinse with warm water. See more homemade face mask visit our link provided

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The Advices of The Grandmother “Beauty”


The orange juice is an excellent tonic for the face: it makes the skin smooth and supple and improves the complexion.


If your hands are chapped from the cold, keep them immersed for five minutes in the water where they were boiled several bay leaves, walnut, hazelnut and celery. Then massaged with soft cream.


After washing and Try it. After washing and rinsing your hair with apple juice frizionateli pippin: invigorates the hair and keeps them in the fold.

Against wrinkles and bags under the …

Against wrinkles and bags under the eyes, try a mask made with apple pulp egg yolk and milk shakes. To see more home remedies for wrinkles, visit the link provided.


To always have dazzling teeth with a toothbrush rub over which you spread a little bread crumbs.


A bit of lemon juice lightly salted is a very effective remedy to lighten freckles.

Sun-reddened skin

There is only one remedy: lemon. The evening if you find that you have reddened skin from the sun, treat affected areas with the lemon juice. The skin will pull a bit, but the next day will be tanned, without a trace of redness.

Yellow nails

To return the nails ruined by white colored enamel, keep the tips of the fingers sunk, for about ten minutes, in a lemon cut in half.

Natural homemade fruit  facial masks .Rough skin?

The sand on the beach is a great natural scrub. Take a handful of wet sand and gently massage the parts to be treated. do not forget regions as rough as the soles of the feet, knees and elbows.

Facial skin irritated?

Try to spread on the face (freeing up the area around the eyes) a thin layer of honey (preferably liquid). let stand for at least 15 minutes and then wash off with warm water. your skin will look more uniform and smooth.

Swollen eyes after a night?

Lie down and applied on the eyelids and the area under the eye of the potato slices fresh. let stand for about 15 minutes and the bags will be reduced considerably.

Dry Skin?

Try to treat it with olive oil. as well as nourish it, will give the skin a polished and shining.

For oily skin

Cut a lemon in half and pass the pulp on the face, lemon is an excellent tonic for oily skin and large pores, however, should not be done every day, because seccatroppo skin.

Against herpes

When you feel a little pinch the lip and you understand that going to get a herpes must put an ice cube on, press it firmly for 10 minutes, do it at least three times every hour during the day: the herpes not appear.

Against pimples

If you have a pimple that is going to come out in the evening before going to bed, put on a bit of toothpaste (not those kind of whitening): in the morning the pimple will be no more.

Against acne

Put in a jar with a sprig of rosemary and cover with alcohol, when alcohol use becomes green as a tonic, you will see results after 15 days. Learn more about homemade face mask for acne, visit our blog here.

Notice the dark circles with mauve

The accumulated fatigue, or a wild night, they left as a reminder of the ugly dark circles. Eliminating them is easy, just put into practice an old, but still effective home remedy: leave to infuse a hint of mauve in a cup of boiling water, along with rosemary and rose petals. Allow to cool the tea, then strain. Apply around the eyes and on the eyelids with cotton.

Raspberries for dry skin

Everyone knows that the raspberry is a fruit of good and healthy, but maybe not everyone knows the nutritional properties and soothing. To overcome the problem of dry skin, mix some of these fruits, adding a teaspoon of honey and one of cream. The mixture is applied to the skin of the face and let sit for about 20 minutes, then rinsed thoroughly. The results will be amazing!

Hands soft and beautiful

The effects of weather and housework often end up damaging your hands, reddened and chapped skin. To have them always soft, you can use a lotion with homemade olive oil and a few drops of lemon. Massaging your hands every day with this preparation, the skin will be smooth and velvety, and even the nails will become stronger.

A lemon for most beautiful legs

On hot summer days, free way to dresses and skirts. Lemon juice, glycerin and a bit ‘talcum powder, mixed it well, are a real beauty mask for our legs. Once prepared the mixture, gently massage your knees, thighs and ankles, repeating daily. The skin every day more smooth, soft and velvety.

Nails gentian

The habit of nail biting can be very difficult to eliminate, and many know it well! To finally be able to have perfect nails and hands clean, you dampen the ends of the fingers with a little ‘of tincture of gentian. The bitter taste of this preparation will give up even the most avid “rosicchiatore”, and within weeks of its appearance will change hands.

Beaten egg against oily hair

Greasy hair endanger the health and beauty of our hair, because they force to frequent washing and, in the long run, exhausting. To keep your hair soft and shiny as long as possible, you can wash with one egg shampoo, prepared simply slamming the yolk with a fork. Before shampooing, also, you can apply a poultice made from lemon juice.

How to reduce wrinkles and dark circles with natural remedies

Natural remedies are often the simplest to put into practice, the less aggressive and the most useful, especially as regards the care of the body. To have a young face, healthy and wrinkle-free is not always necessary to rely on cosmetics and creams over-hyped. Let’s see how to mitigate wrinkles, pimples and dark circles with remedies handed down by popular tradition.

Home remedies for wrinkles under eyes

To combat puffy eyes and tired and, above all, the hated dark circles, you can prepare a face mask do-it-yourself useful to hide the tiredness but also to alleviate dark circles, so to speak, “chronic.” Scrum carefully a tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of fresh milk and a teaspoon of flour to compact everything. Apply your mask is 100% natural, let it sit for about a ten minutes and rinse with warm water. You’ll see results!

If your wrath are wrinkles, which unfortunately begin to appear even at a young age, you can try this home remedies for wrinkles. A boiled potato, mash and add a spoon of yogurt. Apply the mask on the face obtained by massaging the critical points for wrinkles: around the eyes and sides of the mouth. Leave it for half an hour and finally rinse.

To alleviate the suffering of the skin, manifested by the appearance of unsightly pimples and blacks, try to apply this homemade face mask Obtain a piece of boiled pumpkin and mix it with a tablespoon of fresh cream. Try to get a soft and homogeneous, easy to spread in the affected areas of the face. Wait twenty minutes before rinsing.

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